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A gentleman is one who never hurts anyone’s feelings unintentionally.” – Oscar Wilde

Close your eyes right now.  Imagine you’re at a coffee shop, or a bar and you’re listening to a woman talk to her friend about her ex who just dumped her.  As she’s unloading all this emotional baggage her friend tries to make her feel a little better.  Now imagine what her friend says to make her feel better.  

I know what your guess is, because we’ve all heard this before.  “You deserve better.” That’s what every woman has heard since day one.  She was brought up on princess fairy tales, she was called princess, she was coddled and treated like one up to adulthood, and as an adult, every single time a guy left her, it’s because she’s a princess and deserves better.

Why is it that women never ask themselves what they did wrong in the relationship?  They never ask themselves what they did to cause the guy to leave.  It’s always the guy who “doesn’t know what he’s missing.”

Let me sprinkle a little truth fairy dust on your wanna be princess ass.  He knows exactly what he’s “missing” and he has no problem leaving you at all.  Do you bring anything to the table?  Is there anything unique about you?  Or do you wear uggs, sip pumpkin spice lattes, Snapchat videos of  your nights out with your girls, and Instagram photos of a glass of wine in the evening to end your “busy day?”

You demand the world from a man and give nothing but headaches.  If he’s going to date a basic bitch, he’ll look for the least neurotic, and most amicable one he can find.   Your career, your looks, your blowjobs mean absolutely nothing.  Here’s the simple truth, there’s always a more successful woman out there, there’s always a more attractive woman out there, and there are always women that give better blow-jobs

.You’re not a princess and you don’t deserve better.  There’s nothing spectacular about you and the only guy you’re ever going to get is an average guy.  It’s not an insult, it’s just the truth.  No great love story awaits you.  There are no fairy-tales and in real  life good enough is great.  So next time you find an average, decent guy, here are a few tips so he won’t leave you:

Calm down your crazy.  Next time you find yourself getting worked up over nothing, just stop, and don’t say anything.  Sure you’re getting all worked up and bottling it up will do no good, but getting mad at your boyfriend for looking at the scantily clad bartender will make him leave you eventually.

Have sex with him even if you’re not in the mood.  This may come as a shocker to you, but us guys do have sex with you when we’re not in the mood, the least you can do is the same.

Don’t demand everything from him and in the end do nothing for him.  It doesn’t even have to be a lot.  Surprise him with dinner and a blow job after a long day.  Buy him a nice bottle of whiskey.  And the biggest thing you can do for him, control your crazy.

You don’t deserve better.  You might as well do everything you can to keep this one around.


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