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Does anyone remember the book Where The wild Things Are from when they were kids? I want to write an adult version of a book like that but for savage things. Maybe make it a coffee table book with some of the most offensive jokes and memes from all over the world. It would be a great conversation starter for when Becky and John your mundane coworkers come over for a dinner party and have their delicate Christian sensibilities shocked when they open a coffee table book chalk full of the most vulgar and offensive things curated into one collection. You might want to have the bible near by so so they can immediately cleanse themselves from what you put them through. The whole purpose of this is so that people you don’t ever want to have to invite over or hang out with will never ask you do do anything else ever again. Chess not checkers.

Hey, now. That’s just cold

What movie is this for?

Sorry…old habits die had

Those flags can be very dangerous

Things were really great under Stalin, that’s for sure.

As a Jew, I don’t know how I feel about this joke.

can you blame the man?

The materials have arrived

It’s lit

Thanks doc

Apu!!! ┬áDon’t fall for it


All lives matter bro

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