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It’s that time a year where we celebrate the original Brexit, not that phony imitation that just happened recently. So we’ll keep it savage and American. Be sure to get wasted, dump all your tea in the ocean and find yourself a musket. It/s the wild west out here which means no limits and no rules, all options are on the table and if you’re too sensitive, I suggest you leave. Enjoy this meme buffet with your four day weekend and be sure to bring the savagery from here to the streets.

I just wish they never made the sequel. ┬áthat’s the real tragedy of this

This is why nobody should’ve trusted Monica Lewinsky

It’S tHaT tImE a YeAr WhErE wE cElEbRaTe ThE oRiGiNaL BReXiT, nOt ThAt PhOnY iMiTaTiOn ThAt JuSt HaPpEnEd ReCeNtLy. So We’Ll KeEp It SaVaGe AnD AMeRiCaN. BE sUrE tO gEt WaStEd, DuMp AlL yOuR tEa In ThE oCeAn AnD fInD yOuRsElF a MuSkEt. It/S tHe WiLd WeSt OuT hErE wHiCh MeAnS nO lImItS aNd No RuLeS, aLl OpTiOnS aRe On ThE tAbLe AnD iF yOu’Re ToO sEnSiTiVe, I sUgGeSt YoU lEaVe. EnJoY tHiS mEmE bUfFeT wItH yOuR fOuR dAy WeEkEnD aNd Be SuRe To BrInG tHe SaVaGeRy FrOm HeRe To ThE sTrEeTs.?

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