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The Tasteless Gentlemen Private Group is less than a week old and the level of savagery is very very high.  This am when I woke up, I saw a video so graphic it had almost no comedic value (until I got to the comments).  We have members around the world in there, half the time you’ll actually need to use the translate button to get jokes.  It was quite a challenge to pull out memes to use here, because a lot of the stuff in this group is too savage even for the website.  Luckily we have a 0 report policy, so the only stuff getting flagged is getting auto flagged across the board, and we’ve had quite a few rage quits (which is always funny).  If you want in, here’s the link – TTG Group

Special thanks goes to Nathan who provided that feature image, which I think it one of the funniest things I’ve seen all day.

Wade sent this one in, don’t worry there are plenty more like it in this batch.

Way too funny not to get page 1 placement.

When Aria Stark won’t show you bobs and vagene on the train, so you’re sad.

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