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We just crossed the 64k mark in group membership.  If you’re not in there, you’re really missing out.  We had to implement a few rules in order to avoid risking the main page and the group.  These are the rules we came up with:

Facebook has been cracking down on us, heavy.
So, if we’d like to keep the page/group, we must have some guidelines and rules.

This is a group for offensive/tasteless humor and memes we could never post on our timelines. If you’re looking for gore or p0rn, there are much better places on the internet to find that content.

Updated Rules:
1. Report a post and you will get a ban for life (this includes reporting a post to a member’s family)
2. Don’t post pedo sh1t (can’t believe this needs to be a rule).
3. Don’t post “roast me” posts in here.
4. Don’t post “ask me anything” and something about where you’re from, it was only funny once.
5. Don’t post gore or p0rn

We do get a lot of goodbye posts, when people who thought they were savage realize they’re normies, and as normies, they can’t leave a group without announcing it.

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