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The advantage to everybody having cameras on their phones is it increases the likelihood that an embarrassing moment is going to be caught on camera. Not just an embarrassing moment, but the perfect timing for that embarrassing moment. The moment one slips and is mid air, the moment of contact, the moment of impending doom just before contact. Without modern technology, we wouldn’t have these so readily available to laugh at other people’s misfortune. So here we have a collection of perfectly timed photos for you to enjoy.

perfectly timed photo hockey

I’m not a hockey fan, but I feel like the reason people watch is to see fights and pucks hit other’s in bad places.

perfectly timed photo kid

This is the moment before this little girl starts crying hysterically because she just ate it in front of a group of people she doesn’t even know.  I hope this is one of her parents taking the photo.

perfectly timed photo friends

“Hey Becky, let’s take a cute picture with the ocean behind us.”  Susie, moments before she fell to her death.

perfectly timed photo diver

This is why the triple lindy is so difficult.  If you don’t know what the triple lindy is, I suggest you watch back to school

perfectly timed photo headbutt

I didn’t know the face could bend this way

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