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At TTG we have a chat log that goes back and forth, and we send each other a lot of memes in the chat window.  This means that some of them get used, and some of them just get LOLs from everyone and some never make it to the fans.  Here are the last week of memes that I sent in the messenger window.  Now that The Tasteless Gentlemen Group is up and running, we’re getting a bunch of content there – and also a bunch of unusable stuff that it boarder line too inappropriate for consumption.  If you are missing out on the fun, join the group yo, here’s a link to it – TTG Group

There are still a bunch of Indian memes, most notably the boobs / vagene or the poo in the streets memes.  We hope that there is enough savagery in here to make everyone happy.

Made this one the other day, didn’t use it.

Anarchist for the win.

Post WWIII meme – not for sharing.

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