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Here are some brand new memes from the comments section, followed by the original Memes From The Comments posts from the old site.  If you bought a shirt and want to be famous, take a picture in it, and message it to the page, and we’ll add you to the album.  We’re starting to see them all over the place which is nice.  The other day one of us went to a liquor store, and the girl behind the counter looked down at the shirt and said, “that’s funny… oh, TTG, they’re pretty over the top” and the one of us at the store said, “yup.”

Zach – gets page 1 for funniest meme

This is a PSA about tipping.  I’m getting pretty sick of everywhere I go, having a ipad shoved in my face, and with a smile the cashier says, “you’re welcome to tip” and then turns their head to give you privacy, but then looks at the screen when you hand it back.  Guess what, if you didn’t bring me food to my seat and take my credit card to pay for the meal, you didn’t do something tip worthy.  I also don’t tip vending machines… is that so wrong?

Info about the 2nd part of the post: Today we have an even tie between Nicholas and Mario (both had 4 memes) – and the ft is from John.  Thanks for all the memes guys.  Post some in the comments on this post and we’ll get another round of fan memes up today!

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