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It’s almost Thanksgiving so here at The Tasteless Gentlemen we just want to remind you that yes, every family has that creepy uncle and it’s important to make sure you kids know which one it is. With all these accusations flying around with celebrities and politicians, who wouldn’t be surprised if Creepy Uncle Joe was next? If that is the case, the content in this dump will end up being more disturbing than hilarious, so until then, we call all laugh and have a good time. Besides, who doesn’t love a good shoulder rub from your boss? You’ve been working hard all day so there’s nothing better when you hear heavy breathing behind you and some old wrinkly hands start rubbing your shoulders. That’s one of the most rewarding things one can get for their hard work. It’s in management training since back in the 1950’s. So let’s bring back back the shoulder rubs, whiskey and cigarettes in the office and make going to work great again.

Obviously I’m being sarcastic, I shouldn’t have to add this disclaimer, but in this environment, I think I have to.

You’ll need to show proof to back that up

it’s just a prank bro

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