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These are some highlights from the man who gives the best answers on Reddit.  If you’re not familiar, just start browsing through, we promise that you’re learn some serious life lessons and maybe even reach enlightenment once you hear the answers.  Here is a little warm up…

What makes you feel old?

Seeing my parents deteriorate. My dad in particular is getting slower, weaker, and harder of hearing every day it seems. The other day I told him to avoid touching the rails on the back steps because I had just painted them, but he didn’t hear any of it, and when he got paint all over his sleeve he beat the living shit out of me with a set of jumper cables. -rogersimon10

You’re in charge of the playlist in Hell. What song do you put on repeat?

Around the World by Daft Punk. It’s a pretty good song but it’s so repetitive that it will drive you nuts after a while. I know this first hand. My dad was unemployed for a brief period when I was in high school, and because of this I usually locked my bedroom door. One night I’d crashed on a friend’s couch and forgotten that my computer’s alarm would go off at 7 the next day. The alarm was set to play a random song and Winamp was set on repeat. I got home at about 3 and heard this song playing loud from my bedroom and found several dents and shoe marks on my bedroom door. My dad beat the living shit out of me with a set of jumper cables when he got home from the bar. He later told me that the song had been playing for 5 hours before he eventually fled the house. -rogersimon10

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