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A select few of you might see this feature image and think… hmmm. Hasn’t something transpired recently in the TTGG regarding geese aka #goosegate #four.

I remember the good old days when we could post whatever we wanted. Well, I guess that isn’t really true. Our page did get taken down and it took us 6 months of appeals and meetings with Facebook to get our page back up and running so we couldn’t post whatever we wanted. Since we got our page back, things have become even more strict and because we’ve had conversations with them, we have to be extra careful now that we’re more knowledgeable about what can and can’t be posted. On top of of that, they’ve now cracked down on jokes about suicide or jokes that target a specific group. For example, I can make a joke about Isis banging goats, but I can’t make a joke about Muslims doing the same. Also, jokes about tragedies are a no go as well as any jokes about a celebrity who committed suicide. Jokes about a celebrity who recently died are borderline as well. Basically, that leaves us with things related to dating, hoking up and drinking. The good news is, we still have out website where we can post whatever we want. So, enjoy this savage dump.

Bang bang

This is absolutely horrific

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