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If you’re looking for a good adventure, Craigslist is a great place to go. I’ve had some good stories from Craigslist. From crazy roommates to convicted felon from the navy. We were in college and went to buy a giant trampoline for our house (not a great idea to have this during parties with undress of drunk college students) and this guy told us how he had stolen Navy equipment and sold it across state lines. He was going to the brig and had to sell everything he had, which was a benefit to us. After hearing his crazy stories from his travels to Thailand we walked away with a trampoline, a pool table and a kegerator for under 100 dollars. A few weeks later a girl broke her nose jumping on the trampoline at a party. Lesson learned.

Here’s some wild Craigslist ads to inspire you to go on a Craigslist adventure.


It’s important to let all of your friends know that they are, in fact replaceable.
toilet grill

What in the name of southern inbreeding is this?

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