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It’s important in these hyper-partisan times to find things which we can all agree on. What we can all agree on is the the people that make us cringe need to go away forever. The fedoras, the creepy old guys on Facebook, the thirsty nice guys who constantly comment on women’s social media posts. This cringe posts serves not only as a public service announcement, but also as a mirror that can be held up to society so those who fall into one of these categories can finally see how uncomfortable they make the rest of society.

The only way we can begin to solve the problem is to first identify it. Here, on this post, we have identified the problem. I’m asking all of you to do your part and spread the word so we can begin the healing.

cat belly

I think we know which one is Meatball

pregnant smoking

Yes….the noise from the jackhammer is the reason your unborn child will remain unborn

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